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Mary P (London): Cefaly is very successful!

My migraines started after my third child when I was 28. They were triggered by stress, time of the month, any alcohol, chocolate and cheese - the usual things. Also weekends, which is very common. The headache was centred above my right eyebrow and over to the back of my head, and having tried everything on (and off) the market, in those days I had to resort to a medication called “Migril” which has very unpleasant side-effects.
If no medication was taken the headache continued, the longest I was able to bear it was three weeks, then had to take the medication. Three more children made no difference to the migraine, going through the menopause equally made no difference at all.
When Glaxo produced “Imigran” my life changed because I could take this while I was working, it had little or no side-effect but it was hideously expensive, about £15 a pill. I would on average take four or five pills in a week, as my migraines continued at that rate, so the only benefit was that it treated my migraines but did not diminish the frequency. My doctor finally told me that I could not go on taking Imigran at that rate and should try to find another remedy.
Last year I read about the Cefaly in the Daily Mail, and immediately sent for one. I have followed the instructions faithfully, (I still use it for five minutes morning and evening, but you can leave this bit out if you like!) and have now been using it for nearly six months. For me, the result was almost immediate, for during this time I have only had one or two (comparatively minor) migraines, and most recently none at all.
I will be sixty in November, so it is fair to say that I have been suffering both physically, emotionally and financially from migraine for over thirty years, but since I have been using the Cefaly I have been able to lead a normal life and have not had to pay nearly so much attention to what I eat or drink as well!

Nancy W (Birmingham)

The firsttime I used Cefaly, I was worried that I might have a seizure because it issuch a strange sensation, but I was fine.
I have donenumber 1 when I had a migraine (I think you have to be quite brave to do this)and it did work, amazingly, the pain went.
To prevent I tend to do either the number 2 mode ornumber 3 mode once per day (I like number 3 mode, it definitely puts me in abetter mood!)..

Tabitha P (London)

I'm avery busy lawyer and I have done as you suggest, used the Cefaly prg1 just for5 minutes every day since it arrived, and the Cefaly prg 3 for 20 minutes atweekends, and I have not had a migraine for over five weeks.
This is completely brilliant and I'm very happy. I have not gone so longwithout a migraine for many years, but I will keep you informed, and thank youfor your wonderful invention. I should add that when I have had migrainesthey are full blown migraines – fortification spectra, violent headache andnausea, so as you can imagine this is some sort of miracle, and even if I get amigraine now, five weeks is still an all-time record.

Sandrine D (New York)

MJust thought it was time for an update. I've been using the Cefaly since it arrived. The difference is dramatic, and I've been doing up to six or seven treatments a day, and a minimum of two with full power on the first setting.
Let me just say that my migraines are indeed not only less frequent, but less intense as well. On average the migraine frequency has dropped from daily to closer to three or four a week at most and sometimes less. The pain is much more manageable with less medication, and they also last nowhere near as long.Often if I wake up with one, it will disappear in the early afternoon, or if I get one at night, it's often gone by morning! That NEVER happened before. My migraines were usually three day affairs, until it settled back down to my permanent low-grade migraine.