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User guide

  • Carefully clean the skin using a "Prepare" towelette or thoroughly with water and mild soap.
  • This stage is essential for removing grease from the skin to ensure that the electrode adheres well.
  • Use a mirror to position the electrode correctly.
  • The narrowest part is positioned downwards, and the lower edge is positioned on the horizontal line that joins the eyebrows.
  • Slip on the Cefaly device with the central part raised to the level of the forehead.
  • Then lower it in order for it to engage with the pin on the patch. The first few times you do this, do it in front of a mirror to familiarise yourself with the procedure.
  • Press the button to start the session.
  • A single press for programme 1 (attack treatment); you will hear a beep.
  • Two successive presses for programme 2 (prevention); you will hear two beeps.
  • Three successive presses for programme 3 (anti-stress); you will hear three beeps.
  • The intensity and tingling will increase. If it becomes a little too intense, press the button again to hold the intensity at the present level. It will not increase any further over the 20-minute course of treatment. But you should increase this intensity as you get more used to the device.
  • As you repeat your Cefaly sessions, you will progress to higher levels of intensity. You can always increase the intensity, which will make the sessions more effective.
  • During the twenty-minute session, relax or simply go about your business.
  • Once the session is finished, lift the central part of the device to detach it from the pin and take the Cefaly device off.